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Providing Long Lifetime Energy Storage

Quantum Energy Storage Corporation (QESC) delivers high-capacity UL-certified energy storage for microgrids and utility-scale electric networks.  The QESC platform integrates proprietary software and controls to enable energy storage levels ranging from hundreds of kWh to several MWh, and with a rated 50,000+ cycle life.  QESC’s kinetic energy technology provides better economics than batteries with its much longer life.

No existing technology meets this demand cost-effectively while providing both energy security and grid stability.  Without grid stability, the results are black outs, stranded capacity, and poor dependability.  Electric grids are buffeted by the combination of increased load with aging infrastructure and insufficient new generation.  The global consequence is increasingly unstable and unreliable electricity supply.  In addition, the growth of renewable energy generation poses serious problems for the grid since renewable energy is inherently variable (gusts or lulls for wind energy, clouds or nighttime for solar).  Integrating QESC storage with renewable energy enhances grid stability since QESC’s kinetic energy technology provides response times less than 100 milliseconds – fast enough to stabilize the effects of renewable energy fluctuations on the grid.