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Battery degradation issues push GE to focus on the entire energy storage system

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Batteries have always had degradation issues and the best way to make them economical for grid level storage is to maximize their benefits to the grid before they lose all their charging power.  Due to this shortened lifetime, GE is starting to focus on the entire energy storage system to optimize battery usage and efficiency. According to Reuters:

GE over the past year has overhauled its approach to the energy storage market, as it saw weaker demand for the battery it developed.
Now Fairfield, Connecticut-based GE is repositioning itself as a one-stop shop for power producers seeking to install energy storage systems, offering inverters, control systems, software as well as financing options.

QESC, on the other hand, has already developed a long lifetime energy storage solution without degradation, and QESC has an integrated energy storage system ready for installation.  QESC's technology can provide over 50,000 cycles with their kinetic energy storage system.  In addition, the system includes inverters, integration with customer electric systems, and financing options.  The entire system maximizes economic benefits for the customer from day one, and it will last well beyond a battery equivalent system.

The Reuters article can be found here.