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Empowering Revolutions

The energy storage market is enormous and growing in size and strategic importance.  QESC's versatile and powerful technology allows for many unique energy storage use cases.  Here are a few potential projects - each with its own specific benefit.

Quantum Energy Storage System Mode - Islanding

Military Bases

Funded by a California Energy Commission grant, QESC delivered its 120 kWh systems coupled with a 620 kW solar array at the US Marine Corps’ Base at Camp Pendleton, California. The system’s performance has been independently verified for over a year – including critical load protection, peak shaving, and renewable power/storage management applications. The unparalleled rapid response of the QESC system (<100 milliseconds) is extremely important for mission-critical applications that cannot afford interruption of power. QESC's technology can provide these benefits to military installations around the world.

Quantum Energy Storage System Mode - Renewable Firming

North America

A storage bank of QESC units placed below any substation can regulate the power drawn by its distribution network - reducing central power requirements and extending the life of transmission infrastructure in the urban environment of a North American metropolis. It also provides reliable emergency back-up power at a community level to all customers, and it allows for dramatic increases in the development of distributed solar and wind power - to cover up to 100% of demand.

Quantum Energy Storage System Mode - Permanent Load Shift


QESC systems can displace heavily polluting, inefficient, and unreliable diesel generators that are commonly used in many developing countries and island nations. These are expensive to operate and have limited life. In addition, they have to be continuously supplied with diesel fuel that have to be shipped in by oil tankers. QESC system’s long cycle life, durability, and cost-effective clean energy storage capabilities materially reduces the negative environmental impact of both battery storage/disposal and diesel generation operations.  When integrated with renewable generation, islands and developing countries reduce their dependence on costly foreign oil.

Quantum Energy Storage System Mode - Voltage Support

Developing Countries

When deployed by a utility, the storage system reduces blackouts and optimizes power generation with automatic voltage stabilization and offers power factor correction for improved power flow, power balancing, power quality, and demand response. The QESC system allows additional capacity without increasing costly utility infrastructure by shifting loads and optimizing available power. QESC's long duration storage technology can provide reliable power that is rapidly deployed to remote villages.