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Advanced Kinetic Energy Storage System

QESC's energy storage system exceeds the DOE utility scale performance metrics for energy storage. The superior performance at a military base has been acknowledged by commendation letters from base facilities and military personnel recognizing QESC's innovative contributions to energy storage systems that have met or exceeded all identified needs and goals. 

Kinetic Energy Storage by QESC

Kinetic Energy Storage

QESC’s intellectual property portfolio exceeds 200 inventions secured by filed patents that are pending, including one that was recently granted.  QESC’s novel technology has shattered records for kinetic energy storage by more than 12 times the storage capacity of previous solutions.  QESC's hardware is 100% recyclable and free of hazardous materials. Unlike batteries which degrade with cumulative cycles, QESC storage capacity is not affected by cycling since its technology is based on kinetic energy instead of chemical reactions. 

QESC provides energy storage modules in 60, 90, 120, 240, 300, and 360 kWh units with 30, 60, or 150 kW power. Due to the modularity of QESC’s units and with its integrated software and control platform, a wide range of energy storage capacities and power can be installed and rapidly put into operation by using an array of units and various interconnection schemes. Energy storage capacities and power delivery capacities of MWh and MW, respectively, are readily achieved in this manner.

Quantum Energy Storage Control Platform
Quantum Energy Storage Electronics
Quantum Energy Storage Controls
Quantum Energy Storage Control Enclosure

Energy Management Platform

QESC’s platform provides complete system control and monitoring. Messaging and alerts prompt for maintenance and services. System performance and sensor data gets transmitted automatically to a centralized database for analytics and feedback to local owner/operators. Software firmware and system capabilities update remotely. The energy storage system can be controlled locally via secured intranet or remotely by external communications using standardized protocols.

QESC provides a complete platform for energy storage by combining hardware, physical layer 3 (network protocol layer) and middleware.  The benefit is rapid integration with wind, solar, and large-scale utility generating assets.  A recent US Department of Energy (DOE) Sandia Laboratories' market analysis of energy storage identified numerous system modes – all of which QESC implements.

QESC Integrated Energy Storage and Solar Module

Integrated Solar + Storage Module

QESC has developed a stand-alone container module that can be placed anywhere in the world and deliver power 24/7 derived 100% from solar energy. The 20-foot shipping container shown here houses 240 kWh of energy storage capacity (2 storage units). Since the QESC storage units are ultra-compact, solar panels can be packaged within the same container. The compact design of the storage units allows the solar panels to be packaged within the same container. After delivery, the panels are deployed in less than two hours using an ingenious mechanism allowing immediate, available power. QESC’s stand-alone portable generators use only solar energy and can operate for years delivering power day and night without the constant delivery of fuel that diesel generators require. In addition, the entire integrated system of energy generation, storage, and delivery is pollution-free.


Load following and fast response

QESC's energy storage technology reacts fast enough to smooth out sudden spikes in demand. This rapid response energy storage technology replaces the existing need for 15%-35% spinning reserve when there is no storage. 

Similarly, storage can also cover sudden drops or spikes in solar and wind that occur from cloud cover or wind gusts. By using active microgrids to optimize the system, central generators can be run at a constant speed, maximizing fuel efficiency.

The cumulative effect of these gained efficiencies enables QESC's products to supply inexpensive, clean, reliable power indefinitely.

Integration with Solar

The intermittent nature of solar and wind power compound these inefficiencies even further making grid management even more challenging - and expensive.  Electric fluctuations interfere with the grid’s operating frequency making it even more inefficient.  Substantial power needs to be generated at the central plant to provide enough power to meet local demands.  QESC's technology can reduce the overall generation required at an existing load by 10-20%.